Washin’ where? ‘Laundry Princess’ does business at home

What a great work from home story, this is a classic scenario where someone is doing something anyway and then someone pays them once or twice and wha-la!, a home business is born. Already doing laundry for her own family the “Laundry Princess” just kept adding one client at a time to her business  and now it’s full time, fluff and fold!

It’s the bubbly brunette’s ticket to being a stay-at-home mom, with her home-based business, The Laundry Princess. “My neighbor’s fiancé joked that he wanted someone to do his laundry,” said Plants, 33. “I did his laundry, and he was happy.
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I know there are millions of innovative, hard working, work at home mothers who somehow made the decision to take matters into their own hands and make an income, no matter what obstacles come up they push forward trying to make enough to cover their bills this month but hoping for much, much more in the months to come.

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