Work-At-Home Moms Find Comfort In Being Entrepreneurs

Work-at-home moms find comfort in being entrepreneurs and being responsible mothers at the same time. Brooke Davenport is a professional work-at-home mom that provides for her family, and finds time to actually be a successful parent at the same time. Newsleader posts these encouraging stories of how work-at-home moms find comfort in being entrepreneurs.

“The married mother experienced great success, just as she had as a public schoolteacher as well as a museum’s curriculum instructor. And when her two twin girls Brooke and Brittany spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit, medical expenses began adding up.”

“Davenport’s income wasn’t a luxury. It was a necessity, especially as the economy started spiraling downward.”

“Yet even with her success in corporate America — as well as the fact that her career had always been an important part of her identity — Davenport said she felt her mommy hormones kicking in. She began wondering if there was a way to work and stay at home with Anthony — her hermit crab-loving 5-year-old — and the twins.”

The answer, at least in her case, was yes.

“I valued being a professional, but I felt like I missed raising them,” Davenport said. “I started wondering, ‘Can I have my cake and eat it, too? And can that cake be fabulous?'”

“Davenport isn’t the only woman asking that question. Jill Hart, who started a website for Christian stay-at-home moms 11 years ago, said the work-at-home model is growing in appeal to moms and businesses.”

“A lot of women are dealing with being laid off, or their husband has been laid off,” Hart said. “They are trying to do something from home to at least fill in the gap.”

If you work from home, your office can be just steps away from your busy family

“The work-at-home expert and author sees some common characteristics in many of the work-at-home success stories.”

“The people that make it are the ones who make it long-term and have kept at it even when times were hard,” Hart said. “They look on their failures and improve. They are self-starters and self-motivators.”

Working from home is a big adjustment for many women who used to work at what I call a job-job. You really do have to be focused and flexible at the same time. As a copywriter, sometimes I’ve had to work till the wee hours of the morning because the day was too crazy to get anything done. The clients I have understand this and they also have to be somewhat flexible. It’s hard to explain why work at home moms find comfort in being entrepreneurs but when you are living it each day, the sense of satisfaction becomes very clear.

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